How HDB keeps it affordable

ST Letter by Chew Kim Cheer, 22 Aug 2009 THE HDB resale price index has surged relentlessly since 2007. Since the first quarter of 2007, the index has increased 35.3 per cent and is now at a record high, even though the economy is still recovering … [Continue reading]

Kass: Market Has Likely Topped

By Doug Kass RealMoney Silver Contributor 8/26/2009 8:41 AM EDT URL: This blog post originally appeared on RealMoney Silver on Aug. 26 at 8:11 a.m. EDT. Back in early March, … [Continue reading]

Recognition for the way IMH handles its patients

Source: Straits Times, 26 Aug 2009 SEVERELY mentally disturbed patients at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) now spend far less time strapped to their beds or in straitjackets. They also spend less time - 21 days, down from the previous 27 - … [Continue reading]

“Pledge ourselves as one united people”

Written by Ng E-Jay, for the Online Citizen 06 Aug 2009 Original TOC link What does it mean to be “one united people”? Does it mean forging a national identity that can be shared by all Singaporeans regardless of race, language or creed? Does … [Continue reading]

Level the playing field for locals and foreigners in employment

Source: The Online Citizen Recommended Reads: Singapore: A Model of Judgment for the United States? by Harvard Business Publishing. Leong Sze Hian was invited by BlogTV to pen an article for them. We publish it below. Before we talk … [Continue reading]

The Greenback Effect

Source: New York Times, 18 Aug 2009 By WARREN E. BUFFETT, Omaha IN nature, every action has consequences, a phenomenon called the butterfly effect. These consequences, moreover, are not necessarily proportional. For example, doubling the … [Continue reading]

Why the Singapore Democratic Party deserves our support

Written by Ng E-Jay 30 July 2009 The first SDP event I attended was the gathering at Hong Lim Park on 01 May 2007 welcoming Dr Chee Soon Juan and Ms Chee Siok Chin after they had completed a 2-day, 120km walk to mark Labour Day and to highlight … [Continue reading]

Grossly inadequate protection for credit card users

Written by Ng E-Jay 29 July 2009 If consumers have their credit cards stolen or used fraudulently, they may be liable for all transactions made even though they may have done nothing wrong. This is yet another sorry example of how the … [Continue reading]

Is Singapore really in a better position to survive economically?

Written by Ng E-Jay 28 July 2009 The Straits Times Forum (online) letter penned by Mr Tay Xiong Sheng on why Singapore is in a better position to survive economically compared to Malaysia makes for an interesting, but lop-sided read. In his … [Continue reading]

Ignoring the spirit of the law: Woman fined $30 for eating sweet on MRT to relieve motion sickness

Written by Ng E-Jay 22 July 2009 A lady commuter was recently fined $30 for eating a sweet during an MRT train ride to relieve motion sickness (see embedded video below). Eating and drinking in the MRT carries a maximum fine of $500. However … [Continue reading]

STOP THE WAYANG, just return us our CPF!

Written by Ng E-Jay 22 July 2009 More twist and turns have appeared in the CPF Life scheme, an annuity scheme to be administered by the CPF Board that promises to give lifelong payouts to CPF members. On Monday in Parliament, Manpower Minister … [Continue reading]

To fight for bread and butter issues, we need democracy

Written by Ng E-Jay 20 July 2009 In the article From Stifled Dissent to Managed Dissent, I discussed how the “hard repressive” tactics of the PAP Government such as the use of ISA on political opponents was being slowly replaced by “soft … [Continue reading]

The Great Reflation Experiment

(Source) By John Mauldin, 31 July 2009 The question we have been focused on for some time now is whether we end up with inflation, or deflation, and what that endgame looks like. It is one of the most important questions an investor must ask … [Continue reading]

Campaign against bottled water borders on sheer idiocy

Why is there no mention of soft drinks, the manufacture and disposal of which poses the same or even greater environmental risks as bottled water, and which, unlike bottled water, is genuinely unhealthy to the human body? Also, shouldn’t the … [Continue reading]

New NMP Calvin Cheng’s reply to TODAY betrays his lack of sense of accountability and political acumen

Written by Ng E-Jay 14 July 2009 New Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Calvin Cheng has written an atrocious letter to TODAY newspaper betraying not only his absence of a sense of accountability, but also his complete lack of political acumen. … [Continue reading]

Abortion and Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Written by Ng E-Jay 13 July 2009 It was reported recently in Channel News Asia that around 12,000 foetuses are aborted every year in Singapore, with doctors claiming that not enough people are using contraceptives, or are using them … [Continue reading]

MAS bans 10 firms from selling structured notes, but is this merely a slap on the wrist?

Written by Ng E-Jay 08 July 2009 The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced that it has imposed temporary bans on the sale of structured notes by 10 financial institutions (FIs) which had distributed toxic structured notes linked to … [Continue reading]

Temasek May Hire Internal Candidate for Goodyear Replacement

Source: Bloomberg, 28 July 2009 July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Temasek Holdings Pte said it will consider promoting an internal manager after abandoning plans to make Charles “Chip” Goodyear the first foreign chief executive officer of Singapore’s … [Continue reading]

Women’s group proposes new authority to make ex-spouses pay up

Source: Channel News Asia, 27 July 2009 SINGAPORE: The Singapore Council of Women's Organisations (SCWO) is proposing that a new body be set up to enforce the payment of monthly maintenance sums from an ex-spouse to his or her … [Continue reading]