The PAP story, blemishes and all

Source: ST, 09 Sept 2009

What is Men In White all about? How different is it from previous books on Singapore’s ruling political party?

Let me clarify what the book is not.

It is not a re-telling of Singapore’s transformation from Third World ghetto to First World city, a story which Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew so vividly documented in his memoirs. It is also not about the PAP Government and the art of policy-making.

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Friends and foes under one roof

Source: ST, 09 Sept 2009

IT WAS a historic moment with friends and foes gathered together under the same roof where they last met more than four decades ago – at the Old Parliament House.

The occasion was the launch of a new book on the People’s Action Party (PAP), which brought together Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and his former political rivals.

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Another bit of history

Source: ST, 09 Sept 2009

MORE than one for the album, this was a picture for the history books.

If not for the numerous photographs capturing the moment, many would have scarcely believed what took place yesterday in the Old Parliament House – in the same chamber where the People’s Action Party (PAP) fought its fiercest battles with its breakaway faction, the Barisan Sosialis, in the early 1960s.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, a PAP founder, exchanged smiles and warm handshakes with those who had been his rivals from the country’s early years.

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Reform Party denies talk of a fall-out

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Wednesday • April 29, 2009

THE Reform Party has denied talk of a falling-out between its secretary-general Kenneth Jeyaretnam and Mr Ng Teck Siong, who quit as chairman after receiving a no-confidence vote on Sunday.

Interim party chairman Edmund Ng stressed yesterday that the party is governed by the Central Executive Committee (CEC) decisions, and not by any one individual.

He also cited an interview thatMr Jeyaretnam — whose late father,Mr JB Jeyaretnam, founded the party with long-time ally Mr Ng Teck Siong — gave to 938Live on Monday.

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Young PAP v2.009

HAVING made forays into Facebook and online multimedia, the ruling party is now taking the cyber-battle for hearts and minds up another notch. Its youth wing is set to launch an offensive in the weeks ahead, with a revamped website that could feature a more prominent no-holds-barred forum, lively rebuttals by party activists to online chatter, and provocative essays by external writers.

Today understands that the broad strokes of the changes have been communicated to Young People’s Action Party (YP) cadres down to the branch level; and several internal discussions have been conducted since November to solicit views on how to more effectively engage Netizens.

When contacted, YP chief Teo Ser Luck confirmed initiatives would be rolled out “soon”. Tight-lipped on the specifics, he would only say: “When I took over YP, I wanted to make sure there’s an embrace of diversity of views. So, you will see more diversity and more participation.”

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PAP aims for good mix of candidates

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Party confident core of 4th-generation leadership will be in place by next GE; slate will reflect views of young and old
By Peh Shing Huei

SHANGHAI: The People’s Action Party (PAP) will continue to ensure a good spread of candidates to reflect the views of the young and also to take care of older Singaporeans, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said yesterday.

The PAP is confident that the core of the fourth-generation leaders will be in place by the next general election, added Education Minister Ng Eng Hen, who is in charge of the ruling party’s selection process.

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PM personally focused on Malay leadership renewal

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SINGAPORE has a good slate of Malay office-holders and MPs and those who perform and measure up will be promoted.

In making this comment yesterday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also disclosed that he is personally focused on efforts to renew leadership in the Malay community and to attract Malay professionals into politics.

He was responding to a question at the press conference about changes to Cabinet and other office-holders and concerns that the Malay community had about leadership renewal.

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How will the PAP fare in a long recession?

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SINGAPORE may have six bad years ahead. So says Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

How will the ruling People’s Action Party fare in such a scenario?

Mr Lee did not go into the political implications, but a look at Singapore’s recent history throws up interesting thoughts on how Singaporean voters may respond to the PAP in a long recession.

Mr Lee said last week that in a worst-case scenario, Singapore may see four to six years of recession, as the global financial crisis slows the world economy.

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TOC Report: Workers’ Party hit by latest spate of resignations


Monday, 30 March 2009, 5:30 pm

Andrew Loh with contribution by Choo Zheng Xi

Four party cadres, including two candidates from GE 2006, resigned in the past one week but renewal process is on track, says Organizing Secretary

“Salim has the idealism and passion to pursue what he feels strongly about,” said Mr Yaw Shin Leong, the Workers’ Party Organising Secretary and Mr Salim’s team leader in Ang Mo Kio GRC in the last elections. “I wish him well.”

27 year old Mr Abdul Salim Harun’s resignation from the Workers’ Party is not totally unexpected. Rumours had been going around about his wish to leave the party since last year. His presence at the Singapore Democratic Party’s Hong Lim Park protest, during the IMF/World Bank meeting in September 2006, was believed to have raised some eyebrows within the party.

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Cabinet changes: A transition team balancing young and old

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Next election crucial for future well-being of Singapore, says PM Lee
By Sue-Ann Chia

THE Cabinet changes announced last week bring in a ‘transition team’ that signals that a younger team is in charge, but with old hands still on deck to steer Singapore forward.

The mid-term reshuffle is based on current office-holders and MPs, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who indicated that the core of Singapore’s fourth generation leadership has yet to be fully assembled.

Explaining Singapore’s style of incremental rather than big bang changes, he told reporters at the Istana yesterday: ‘This reshuffle is another step forward in the long process of self-renewal. It’s a continuing exercise.

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